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Protection On your Skin

V1NK, is an eco-friendly mosquito repellent bio patch lasting for six months by creating a protective shield around the body. Its VUAA1 chemical compound is 1000 times stronger than a commercial repellent.

V1NK: Bienvenido

"V1NK takes our VUAA-actives into an exciting and readily usable bio patch formulation that makes this game-changing technology totally accessible to users across a broad economic and geographic spectrum".

Laurence Zwiebel Ph.D., Vanderbilt University professor of Biological Sciences and Pharmacology


Why a Mosquito Wing?


V1NK, environmental-friendly product that degrades naturally and reduces the single-use impact of traditional repellents. It keeps away mosquitoes by its overwhelming power. Mosquitoes are not mean insects, they just want to survive, reproduce, and pollinate, so why kill them?

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